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Tourism is a fickle beast. A destination can be the must-visit one year, and already past-it the next. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a destination for city breaks, honeymoons, family holidays or corporate retreats, the chances are that you’re competing against many others.


A great travel writer can help you promote your destination effectively and accurately, helping you attract visitors to hotels, activities, shops and restaurants, and stay ahead of the competition.


Effective Destination Marketing


Destination marketing isn’t only the responsibility of tourism organisations and travel agencies. A range of diverse individual businesses and stakeholders from hotels to national landmarks and other tourism attractions have a role to play too.


There are just as many ways in which to approach destination marketing. Websites, brochures, newsletters and leaflets to name only a few. They all depend on informative copy that evokes enthusiasm for the destination and encourages the reader to go there, whether overnight or just for the day.


To effectively market a destination, be it a idyllic village in the English countryside or a paradise beach resort in the Philippines, you need to show people not just why they should visit, but how they’re going to feel while they’re there. You want to sell an experience, whether that’s one of relaxation, adventure, creating family memories or cultural immersion.


As a professional freelance travel writer, I have conducted in-depth research into destinations around the world, pinpointing their attributes and writing authoritatively about them. Many of these are places I’ve never visited personally, but to read my descriptions, you’d swear I had.


Whatever format you choose to promote your destination, I can provide you with inspirational, practical copy that is both compelling and free of cliché. I’ll nail down what makes a city, a region, a country or an entire continent stand out, and ensure that comes across in the copy so that people can’t afford not to go there.


I can also help you go into greater detail about your destination, such as through regular SEO blog articles or email newsletters that pick up on upcoming events and new attractions.


Destination Marketing Services


I’ve delivered engaging, original travel copywriting for dozens of destinations around the planet for brands including Expedia, Abercrombie & Kent and TUI Group. If you’re looking for destination marketing services that will engage readers and convince them to visit, then I can help you in areas including:



Website Content

Blog Articles


Visitor Guides

Video Scripting

Attraction Descriptions



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