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You’ve got to hook them from the first page. 


The best hotel copywriting doesn’t just bring an accommodation to life. It also needs to sell that vision, and that means copy that leads to bookings.


My process for writing hotel copy begins with identifying your property’s Unique Selling Points – the features that differentiate it from others. From there I can describe the actual benefits they offer to your guests. Because let’s be honest – most of your website visitors aren’t there to read a list of amenities. They want to know what it’s going to be like to stay at your hotel.


Having worked within the travel industry for over 10 years, and as a specialist travel copywriter for over five, I know the kind of questions that guests are likely to have. If someone is already on your website, then the chances are that they are already considering making a reservation. In which case, they will be hungry for useful information, so anticipating those queries and answering them right there on the page is vital when it comes to conversions.


Hotel Website Copywriting


I’ve been lucky enough to write copy for some of the biggest names in the hotel business. Lucky mostly, I think, because it has taught me the skills I need to produce vivid and succinct hotel copy, and the importance of avoiding cliché-ridden nonsense jargon.


If I am writing about your hotel, then you can expect evocative and accurate descriptions that will help someone to really picture themselves as staying there, and convince them that there’s no better time to make a booking.


The tone of voice used in your hotel copy should be shaped to reflect your brand’s personality, but also the type of customer you are hoping to reach. You need to speak their language and understand their needs, if you want them to book with you.


My hotel copywriting experience runs from prestigious 5 star hotels in some of the world’s most desirable destinations to boutique resorts promising barefoot luxury, independent bed & breakfasts in national parks to city centre chain hotels that offer everything the weekend traveller or business guest might require.


I can help you boost sales during low season, upsell to existing clients or reach out to website visitors that haven’t yet booked through convincing remarketing ads.


I am skilled at embedding SEO keywords and proof terms naturally within the copy, and developing resonant Calls To Action.


Of course I don’t just write about hotels. I can do just the same for coastal resorts, holiday rentals, guesthouses or woodland lodges, and I can even help you sharpen up your AirBnB listings if needed. Whatever type of accommodation you have, great website copy is essential to maximise your bookings.


Hotel Marketing Services


There are many other ways a good copywriter can help you market your hotel beyond your website. Here are just a few areas where you’ll find my services both affordable and effective:



Magazine articles

Video scripting


Ad copy

Guest literature

Staff training manuals

Landing pages

Blog articles


I offer all potential clients a free 30-minute consultation either over the phone or by Skype to discuss their project.


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