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There are many reasons why travel and tourism businesses might want to develop their own blog, such as:

  • Keeping previous and prospective clients up-to-speed on new developments
  • Creating awareness of your business online
  • Telling your brand’s unique story
  • Improving your website’s SEO performance


If you’re marketing a hotel, you can use a blog to inform readers about special deals, new amenities and local activities, or to put a face and personality to some of your key staff members.


If you’re marketing a destination then a travel blog might highlight news from major tourist attractions, upcoming events and suggest itineraries for different types of visitors such as families or honeymooners.


If you’re marketing a tourist attraction then again you might want to look at keeping readers in the loop about promotions, events or other important information.


Embedding relevant keywords and proof terms in your blog copy, linking to other pages on your website and to reputable external sites, and adding high-quality imagery or video can all have a significant impact on the success of your blog, and see it getting regular shares on social media.


Why you should hire a

Professional Travel Blogger


Most businesses now appreciate the benefits that a well-maintained blog can bring, but not all have the resources or time inhouse. That’s why it can often make sense to hire a professional travel blog writer who can manage it for them.


I have worked with many travel brands, large and small, to create regular SEO-friendly blog articles on a vast range of topics including but not limited to:


Luxury Corporate Travel


Family Travel






LGBT Tourism


Extreme Sports

Cultural, Heritage & Foodie Tours



If you have an existing blog that you want to take to the next level, or you’re interested in starting one for your tourism business, then I can provide well-written, engaging and SEO-friendly articles for you on a weekly or monthly basis. I can also include high-quality images, and upload the articles to your website for you if required.


A blog is a useful tool not just for communicating with your clients, but also for improving the performance of your website in search engines and demonstrating your authority on your chosen topics. It’s vital that your blog articles are accurate, written for your target audience, and shareable. If that’s something you would prefer to leave to a professional, I’d be happy to help.


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