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Travel Content Marketing Services


Content marketing is essential for any business in the travel industry today. The problem is, there are 101 ways to do content marketing, and very few companies have the time or resources to do it all in-house.


Although content marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers, it is also one of the most demanding, time-consuming and often confusing forms of marketing. But if you want to tell your brand’s story, there’s no better way.



How Content Marketing Helps Travel Companies


Travel content marketing is all about building relationships with your clients, both existing and prospective. It’s showcasing your brand across a diverse range of channels to create ‘soft sales’, where people get to know your company and your services indirectly. These channels might include social media platforms, videos, email newsletters, blogs, travel guides or free downloadable ebooks.


Content marketing helps you to:


Drive more traffic to your website

Improve your SEO performance

Build and sustain interest on social media

Identify the best prospects and reach them more effectively

Maximise every opportunity to convert interest into bookings

Easily experiment with new channels and forms of marketing



Now, producing all that content requires effort and expenditure, but the good news is that many elements such as copywriting, graphic design and video production can be outsourced – and, once you have that content, you can reuse it as many times as you want. What’s to stop you rewriting and freshening up a blog post from a few years ago to make it relevant again, or taking the images from your brochure to illustrate your monthly newsletter?


In addition, smart content marketers will also take advantage of User Generated Content, such as the comments and queries left on your social media pages and blog, or images and videos that have been shared of a resort, a hotel or an experience. This is a fantastic way of forging a connection with your customers and making your brand more authentic. There’s no substitute for word of mouth advertising.


So Why Use Me?


I have years of experience in travel content marketing, having written everything from website content to visitors guides, paid ads and e-newsletters to brochures. You can outsource all of your copy requirements to me, and I will deliver high-quality, SEO-friendly and shareable content that appeals directly to your target audience.


I’ll take the time to really understand your clients and the nature of your brand. I cam work alongside any inhouse or external designers you employ to help you tell your company’s story in your chosen tone of voice.


Whatever your aims from content marketing, be they increasing conversions, subscribers or social shares, I’ll help you to develop and implement a realistic and effective strategy.


I offer a reliable, cost-effective and professional solution to your travel content marketing requirements.




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